The Studio


The Studio

Our beautiful studio is located in downtown Fredericton, NB. We are situated right beside the Tipsy Muse Cafe. You will see our door to the left of the cafe with our logo in white.

Come down the stairs to our underground studio, with over 1200sqft of space to move, and be welcomed into our wonderful community of movers and shakers without judgement.

We do our absolute best to make you feel welcome and at home, so if you ever have feedback about our studio let us know!

Our studio is available for rent.



We aim to provide a space for people to explore movement, fitness, and dance as a way towards holistic wellness, community, and personal growth.


We believe that all bodies deserve joyful movement. Our goal is to guide people of all backgrounds & body types in finding movement that works for them. Our space provides both a starting point for anyone who desires a space to explore movement and dance without judgement, pressure, or expectations; as well as an opportunity for experienced movers to build sustainable movement practices that challenge them and support their growth.


We encourage our movers to “Move From the Inside Out”; to experience the movement from within rather than moving for an external goal, for aesthetics, or as a form of self-punishment.

We are not your average fitness studio. There are no before & after photos,  no calories counted, no pressure to show up except exactly as you are.