Studio Etiquette

Please take a moment to review our studio & class etiquette, so you can get the most out of your visit!


Arrive on time

To get the most out of your class and to prevent disruption, we ask that you arrive on time. We understand life happens, however if you arrive more than 15 minutes late you will not be able to enter the class. Due to the current pandemic we are also  asking dancers arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before class to reduce the chance of cross-traffic.

Phones away

We pride ourselves on making sure classes are a place where people can leave daily life behind. For this reason, we ask that you please put your phone away and on silent. If you must take a call, we ask that you leave the studio to do so.


Ask permission to film

Filming can be distracting, and some dancers do not want to be caught on

camera, so it's best to keep the phones put away unless you have permission to



Be respectful of everyone

We welcome all dancers, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, or ability.


Ask Questions

Feel free to ask questions during class, and if someone else asks a question, listen carefully as you will likely find value in the answer!​ Remember to save your private conversations for before and after class. It can be distracting to the teachers and other students. Please also refrain from teaching other students during class.


Have fun

​Finally, we encourage you to stay positive, have fun, cheer on fellow dancers, and keep our studio welcoming and safe for everyone.