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Nicole T.

Working with Brittany has given me confidence to trust my body, trust my intuition, and move with ease.

Symone J

I left our session feeling empowered, strong, and sexy.. which was exactly my expectations going in.

Rebecca M.

I always leave her classes feeling totally empowered and a lot more aware of the love I have for my body

It's your only body. Learn to hear what it's saying.

Our goal with coaching and private lessons is always to get you to a point where you are confident in moving in tune with your body's needs, expressing yourself authentically, and stepping into your power.

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Let us guide you in building your movement skills. From strength & mobility to somatic experience; from releasing emotion to building body awareness; we do it all. 


Have a specific dance goal in mind? Want to work on your technique or learn a certain combo from one of our instructors with 1-1 attention? Book a Private Dance Lesson now.


From musicians to drag queens to dancers to public speakers; we've helped many artists and performers hone their movement skills to push their performance to the next level. We are able to work with both live and film performance.


If you're feeling stuck or disconnected from yourself, or if you have goals that seem impossible to achieve - dive into our coaching containers. Our staff has a wide variety of experience and qualifications to help you achieve your wildest, most embodied dreams.

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