How do I sign up for class?

You can sign up for any of our studio classes by going to our class schedule here. We are also accepting walk-ins as long as there is room in class! You can check if there is space by looking at our schedule, downloading our app, or contacting us.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of classes/weeks?

All of our classes are on a "drop-in" basis, which means there is no commitment required. You can pay for these classes per-class, or purchase one of our passes or memberships! Please take a look at our Pricing Page for more info.

How much do classes cost?

A single drop-in for one of our regular classes is $17 +tax . We have many options for memberships and class passes as well! Check out our full price list here. The prices of pop-ups and workshops vary.

What kind of experience is needed? I am a total beginner!

We welcome and encourage all beginner dancers & movers. We suggest starting with beginner level classes, or movement classes to get your footing. Try as many classes as you like in 30 days with our Intro Month membership.

Where are you located? Is there parking available?

Our newly rennovated underground studio is located at 82 Regent St, in the heart of downtown Fredericton, NB, Canada. We are situated right next to the Tipsy Muse Cafe. There is metered parking along Queen St, which is free after 5pm and on weekends & holidays. Parking is at your own risk, please always check signage

Are there lockers or changerooms?

Our studio has 2 bathrooms, and 2 dedicated changerooms. We do not have showers, but we have a small supply of toiletries to freshen you up when needed! (Dry shampoo, hair elastics, deoderant). We have cubbies in the studio where you can store small belongings, but please note we are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend that you wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in.

What kind of footwear should I wear?

Please make sure all footwear is indoor/clean. Wet footwear will not be permitted in the studio. Hip Hop / Jazz Funk / Friday Grind: Indoor or clean running shoes/sneakers. Contemporary: Barefoot,or non slip socks are best. Heels: Heels are not mandatory to take a heels class, BUT they are encouraged! The most important thing is that your heels have good foot/ankle support. Platforms and wedges are discouraged as your foot will be unstable in them. Stilletto heels that are 3-4" in height are ideal. All other classes you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in. Sneakers, socks, or barefeet. Always feel free to adjust your choice as needed throughout class!

Can my child attend classes?

Our classes are geared towards adult dancers, 18+. Dancers who are 16 and over can attend classes with parental consent when registering online. Please note that our music may include explicit themes and/or language.

How early should I arrive to class?  What happens if I am late?

We do not allow students into class 15 min after the start time of the class. This is to ensure you get warmed up properly and avoid injury. We ask that all students arrive NO SOONER than 10-15 minutes before classes start to sign in and give yourself enough time to get ready for class. The studio will be open 15 minutes before classes start.

What are your Covid-19 Policies?

You can read all of policies for Covid-19 here.

What is The Movement Vault? Are you a dance studio?

The Movement Vault is a movement and dance studio located in downtown Fredericton, NB. We offer a variety of movement modalities to inspire wellness, joy, creativity, expression, growth, and community. We offer over 20 classes per week, with everything from Hip Hop Dance to Yoga to Barre and more. We specialize in guiding people of all backgrounds in moving in ways that feel good to them - with no pressure to look or perform a certain way. Movement should feel good - from the inside out.

What happened to Jungle House Dance Co.?

JHDC was our first studio, focused on dance and community - and the essence of JHDC is the foundation for The Movement Vault. We have not changed our vibe - we have only expanded our offerings. Thank you for growing with us and joining us on this wild journey!

What do the class levels mean? What level should I take?

No level indicated (Open) If there is no level indicated on the class title, this means that the class is OPEN LEVEL. Open level generally means that anyone, including beginners, can join this class. That being said, the class will have dancers of mixed levels and pace of the class will vary. Intro An Intro level class is geared towards very beginner dancers with zero to a small amount of dance experience. There will be a focus on foundations and technique. Beginner Beginner classes are geared towards dancers with some dance experience. We do encourage everyone to try a beginner class - even if you have NO experience. There may be challenges here and there, but the pace will be slower with a focus on foundations, technique, and some choreography. Beginner/Intermediate Beg/Inter classes are a bit faster paced, and therefore we encourage dancers with 1+ year of dance experience. That being said, this class is still open to total beginners. Just keep in mind that some classes may offer more challenges. A great level for beginners wanting to challenge themselves and grow as dancers. Intermediate/Advanced Inter/Adv classes are geared towards dancers with several years of dance exerience. There will be less time spent on technique or foundations. A general understanding of common dance terms is encouraged. As always - we encourage everyone to try any class they want to. Just keep in mind that the pace will be faster and there won't be time for a lot of breakdowns of technique.