My name is Samantha Shea and I am an Intuitive Personal Coach focusing on empowerment, conscious business, somatic experience/release, and primal movement. With over 10 years of experience in guiding people of all backgrounds in safe and effective movement practice, I am deeply passionate about using movement and mindset coaching to help people reach their full potential.

I like to consider myself a Creatrix of confidence, freedom, and abundance - and when I work with clients I facilitate a process of collaboration and co-creation.

My approach is evidence based - but also highly intuitive - using a combination of my professional training in movement science,  bodywork, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and more. When you work with me you get the benefit of a pragmatic and actionable plan, combined with intuitive guidance that fosters transformational results.

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3 Month Journey - Level Up

This 3 month journey will get you started on your path to reaching your full potential. 

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 6 Month Journey - Transform

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